The Becquerel Rays and the Properties of Radium

R. J. Strutt (Lord Rayleigh)

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One of the very early books on radioactivity, written in the same year as those of Rutherford and Soddy.  This is Robert Strutt's first book.  It is readible from cover to cover by the non-specialist.  A valuable historical insight into the pioneering developments in this field.  2nd edition of 1906 that includes some updated material.  Robert Strutt was a very able physicist who later became Lord Rayleigh upon the death of his father in 1919.

Genre: Science
Format: Hardback, 155 x 225 x 22 (mm), 215 (pp)
Condition: VERY GOOD, Ex. Lib. but clean copy inside apart from 2 library stamps.
Publisher: Edward Arnold
Published: 1906  London
Edition: 2nd
Shipping Weight: 0.66kg

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